Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cambodian beggars

Poipet beggars
Combodia is not a rich country and full of kids wanting to eat. We have met kid beggars almost in every place where tourists visit. The more tourists - the wealthier the kids. Compare ones from the center of the border town Poipet and from Tonle Sap lake.
Tonle Sap girls
Notice the necklace probably made of gold in the first picture.

Tonle Sap lake
Boy in a basin swimming to a neighbor house, Vietnamise floating village on lake Tonle Sap. Sometimes they take a real python with them and beg for money from tourists.

Poipet local taxi. Guy at the back: To the airport, fast!

Dad riding his kids to school on a motorbike. No helmets found

Interesting thing in Combodia is local currency - Riel, which is not used almost at all. Instead of it you get prices in USD and Thai baht. It became so because of high inflation rate and lots of foreign tourists with US dollars.

Cambodian police
Real Cambodian policeman in Angkor town is selling his badge for 100 Thai baht ($3) and his entire uniform for $100 to tourists. They are allowed to do so because of low salary ($50 per month).

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat Temple is the largest temple in the world. Lots of tourists, very hot and humid climate makes it hard to enjoy though.

Nobody wants to buy my pants!
Girl selling woman pants for $3. You have to cover your shoulders and knees if you want to enter the top floor of Angkor Wat temple. So they sell us pants.

Market right near the temples of Angkor
10 magnets for $3, pants and drums – this is all you need. Local girls riding a taxi.

Roots of banyan tree destroying the temple in Angkor
But if you remove them the construction will collapse. Some weird symbiosis.

Animals in Thailand

Retired prisoner in a Sriracha tiger zoo. Looks not aggressive but can draw you inside if you stand too close.

Crocs school
Math class in a local school for crocodiles. The teacher looks retarded as well as the pupils.

Sleeping bearcat (binturong) looks like a cute pet though he has big teeth and eats other animals.

A deer trying to eat my finger. My fingers were stronger than her teeth.
Another deer eating something
Giraffe’s long black tongue likes green beans. He is standing in a ditch so we are the same height.

Goats waiting for some tourists. Black one: What are you looking at?
Pull tiger by his ears. They like it.
Crocs have a brain size of a nut. So you can hold them in hands without any danger of being eaten alive. But make sure they have their mouths duct taped.

7 parrots, 1 girl. Look how hard they grip her hand.

Thailand, second view

Beach road, Pattaya
Main attraction point of the city after Walking street.

Walking street
A girl in a dress and on a motorbike. Notice the wires all over the place. At night this place will shine with different colors.

Nongnooch garden
French garden of Nongnooch park. Guide says it won the best landscape park of the world title.

Britsh alley with telephone booths.
Local Stonehenge copy, Nongnooch
Glossy Ford GT owned by son of madam Nooch, Nongnooch garden.
Pattaya Second road
View from Caeasar Hotel. Lots of bikes, 2 tuk-tuks and massage parlors all over the street.

Pattaya central beach
The water isn’t very transparent but it doesn't stop crowds of tourists.

Ko Lan beach
Ko Lan is an island 40 minutes away from Pattaya. This is a small private beach with 100B ($3) price for a chaise longue.

Koh Lan Tawaen beach. The sand is white and the water is clear and blue.
Ko Lan Marvelous water
Siam park
Siam Park in Bangkok is divided into 2 parts: one with rides and one with Aqua Park. Notice 2 towers to the right: one is a tower drop attraction and second is for panoramic views.

Tower drop
It slowly lifts you right to the top of the tower which, I guess, is about 50 meters high. And then pushes you down with such force that you can’t bend your legs, so they just lean to the sky and everything flies out from the pockets of your shirt.

Siam aqua park
Aqua park in Siam Park in Bangkok is not very large, it has 2 big waterslides, giant wave-pool and some smaller pools.

Siam Aquapark slides
When you slide on this waterslide you feel like a bobsleigh sportsman riding on an ice course.

Thai schoolgirls

Malaysian schoolgirls

Panic Room
Entrance to the panic room, actually it’s not terrifying at all. Just lots of schoolers screaming around you.

Putin drinking tea in a snake farm in Pattaya
Fish massage
Fish massage was very intense because I’m afraid of tickling, especially with my feet. Special fish called Garra Rufa suck every inch of your feet. They don’t have teeth so they have to use their lips to eat dead cells on your feet. It was so ticklish so I had to remove my feet from water to stay alive.

Thai cook (cook) is not spicy!
Strange couples
This thing was new to me because I didn't notice it a year ago - interracial couples holding hands. Mature European man with young or not so young Thai girl - you can see them everywhere: walking in the street, eating in a cafe or shopping in the mall. I call this extended escort. High amount of such couples is due to our close location to the Walking street, where I guess such deal can be done. I can't tell the prices but I think it's not very expensive. The minor problem with this deal is the special beauty of Thai girls - as a European I can tell you it's not an easy task to find pretty local girl here.