Sunday, July 17, 2011

Russian Pyrokinesis Debunked - eng subs - p1 of 5

Video by Edip Yuksel
Lasers, chemicals and spirits of nature are mixed up for the ultimate show.

Next part will be available by the weekend or sooner.


  1. You made a complete ass of yourself my friend. Such a sad, ugly display of beligerent arrogance will come back at you in one way or another...
    Additionally you have "debunked" nothing, only humilliated a man, behaving like a PIG in his own house. To make things even worse you are extremely vane and slef-important to the level of grotesque: especially calling yourself "philosopher" and "critical thinker".

    Cultivate some elegance and delicateness from now on! What you did hurts human spirit, something in you recognises this and feel sad about your way of behaving: it is your heart...