Monday, April 30, 2012

After.Life - my humble review

After.Life (2009)
IMDb: 5.90

Yesterday I have watched yet another movie – «After.Life». It was released in 2009 by Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo – unknown to me Polish director.

I have mixed feelings about it right now: it is certainly not just another movie about after life but it’s all about Christina Ricci’s boobies. Yep.

The plot is quite easy – she died, but couldn’t believe it. So the whole movie she is trying to prove herself that she is not dead. Very nice. Especially when most of the time she is naked and she has nice Christina’s breasts.

There are several flaws that the plot is not covering and which seem quite obvious in the end of the movie, but I won’t cover them. Somewhere at 2/3 of the movie I got almost bored with the atmosphere of doing nothing. Yeah, the film certainly has some atmosphere but I think it’s not fully released. The plot could be covered more precisely with a lot of nuances that would bring some kind of action that is missing. The horror part which is also present here is not really impressive though it’s not a horror movie.

The good thing about the movie, besides the boobs is that it’s not very complicated and quite not long… And yeah, did I mention the boobs?

My humble rating – 6/10.

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