Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Animals in Thailand

Retired prisoner in a Sriracha tiger zoo. Looks not aggressive but can draw you inside if you stand too close.

Crocs school
Math class in a local school for crocodiles. The teacher looks retarded as well as the pupils.

Sleeping bearcat (binturong) looks like a cute pet though he has big teeth and eats other animals.

A deer trying to eat my finger. My fingers were stronger than her teeth.
Another deer eating something
Giraffe’s long black tongue likes green beans. He is standing in a ditch so we are the same height.

Goats waiting for some tourists. Black one: What are you looking at?
Pull tiger by his ears. They like it.
Crocs have a brain size of a nut. So you can hold them in hands without any danger of being eaten alive. But make sure they have their mouths duct taped.

7 parrots, 1 girl. Look how hard they grip her hand.

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